Macallan Whisky Sets – Complete List (updated 2022)

macallan whisky sets
macallan whisky sets

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The Macallan. Full stop. The Macallan whisky sets is a new thing now.

What a name in the industry.

It seems that everything they have produced gets sold out instantly and then flipped on the secondary market for 1000% profit. You can’t lose, just buy and *hold.

Other people are sure that the bubble will pop, this month, or next month, yesterday or tomorrow…

I believe both sides are 100%.

The distillery has indeed a great story of glorious history that is expressed through all the editions of it. Here are all the world’s finest single malt Macallan Whisky sets that will help you to discover the real Macallan and possibly get you addicted to collecting and exploring other whiskies.

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At the moment these are all the common, popular whisky collection little sets from Macallan. If you think we are missing important ones, please let us know.

1. Macallan Quest Collection

macallan quest collection

The Macallan Quest Collection is a single malt whisky that always has an enduring expression of the best quality oak in its crafting process. This is a mesmerising output when the manufacturer was searching for the best beyond continents, cultures and terrains.

With the new and revolutionary casks, flavours and aromas, Macallan Quest Collection come with a story that starts in the forests and ends in the rich and sensory Macallan experience.

The Macallan distillery was first introduced in 1911 by the Edrington Group and came out with the superlative quality that culminates through a great product.

2. Macallan Concept

macallan concept

With the continuous search for excellence for years, Macallan Concept Series came out breaking the traditional boundaries of process and the result was amazing. This single malt whisky is matured with sherry-seasoned oak casks and then with ex-bourbon casks.

All of the three whiskies of this series are the output of creativity and passion for years that show the artistry and expertise of the brand. Each of the releases carries a unique but extraordinary taste experience.

These Macallan whisky series express the passion with innovative art, music and culture that will be unmatched.

3. Macallan A Night on Earth

Macallan A Night on Earth is a limited edition single malt that is more likely to be given to someone as a new year gift. It tells the story of a joyful new year and the celebration of such occasions that is close to your heart. This seasonal release comes to celebrate Scotland’s world-famous Hogmanay festivities every 31st December.

The innovative multi-layered packaging of this malt gives an exceptional unboxing experience that carries distinctive customs of Scotland’s Hogmanay with its playful abstract illustrations.

So, this can be a special gift for your special one this year.

4. Macallan Harmony

With the perfect blend of European and American oak casks, Macallan Harmony is a rich single malt whisky that comes with a pair of fine chocolates.

This exceptionally rich series was introduced with a focus on sustainability and also the distinctive flavour profiles at Casa Cacao. With the Rich Cacao comprising American and European oak casks, this exquisite and delightful whisky elevates The Macallan experience to another level.

Overall, the whole process of bringing together CHOCOLATE AND WHISKY gives the whisky-lover a unique tasting experience.

5. Macallan - Whisky Maker's Edition

macallan whisky makers edition

Macallan – Whisky Maker’s Edition comes from The Macallan distillery in Craigellachie, Moray which is personally crafted by the distillery’s manager, Bob Dalgarno. This is a masterpiece to any travel-weary whisky lover. It gives a strong taste of maple candies followed quickly by floral and spice notes which lasts through the early finish.

Through this collection of whisky, Macallan is trying to showcase variations across their own spectrum but in a very unique and fruitful way. Its round, clean and nice cask influence will make you pleasantly surprised.

6. Macallan Whisky Set - The Ruby Collection (Gold, Amber, Sienna & Ruby)

macallan ruby collection

Macallan Ruby is a highly-praised non-age statement single malt whisky that comes with the darkest hue. The colour that has been taken from the very finest sherry casks gives a direct reflection of the quality. It gives a complex taste of sherried fruits and marmalade with chocolate and coffee on the nose.

This bottle is one of the tops of Macallan’s 1824 Series which has the richest and deepest flavour in the range. With the commensurate amount of flavour, this version ensures that it comes from an incredible dram!

7. Macallan Cities (London)

macallan cities london

Macallan: The London Edition is a limited edition single malt whisky to celebrate the journey of London. This edition is made with the collaboration of the Roca brothers. This version was the first release of the ground-breaking series which is the result of insatiable curiosity and dedication to mastery. The unique release comes with a stunning presentation case with a stylised map of London.

With a retail price at under 3k, this quickly got up to 8.5k in the last auction at last auctions and the price will go up if things stay the same.

Macallan London Price.


It’s said that it tastes like the subtle touch of curry and the sweetness of Earl Grey tea followed by the Macallan’s signature taste of orange, vanilla and raisin. Such unique essence, aroma and flavour increase the hype of this bottle.

8. Macallan Edition No.1-6 Collection

macallan edition 1-6 collection.jpg

Looking for a bundle of wines with good flavour? Macallan Edition No.1-6 Collection is the easy pick for you. The package comes with 6 X 70CL bottles which have the crest of a wave of enthusiasm.

All the editions of this series are from different types of European and American oak casks with the idea of making these rich and complex whiskies. All of them offer warm and spicy tastes with some notes of toffee, dried fruits, and vanilla, etc.

The quality of this distillery with 50 years’ experience continues from the debut version to the end that is very impressive. So, no need to roam around anymore. This is truly worth the price.

  • Edition No.1 – 48%
  • Edition No.2 – 48.2%
  • Edition No.3 – 48.3%
  • Edition No.4 – 48.4%
  • Edition No.5 – 48.5% 
  • Edition No.5 – 48.6%

Again, these started out at around under £100, each now are going for £3k and up. With Macallan Edition one selling for close to £2k.

macallan-edition-1-6 price

9. Macallan Folio

macallan folio

Image credit:

Here is another full set of quality Macallan whisky. These are actually another single malt Scotch group that carries the authenticity of the manufacturer.

The series started to release in 2015 and the last edition, “Folio 6” released in 2020 that might be extended in future. It was such an obvious way to treat the whisky lovers with a wonderful bottle of wine. People are guessing that this set will run for ever – or possibly to #24. With the price of folio 1 going from £175 to £15.000 we are talking here of almost 100x, this is obviously crazy, but the bubble seems to hold.

All the bottles come with similar but a bit variety of taste. You may find it significantly hotter and alcoholic than others and you will like it, I bet.

10. Macallan Classic Cut Series

macallan classic cut series

Image credit:

The Macallan comes with five editions in the Classic Cut Series. It had released its first edition, The Macallan Classic Cut 2017, in 2017. After that, it comes with four more consecutive versions of Classic Cut in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The classic cut is basically a higher strength single malt set that is promised to give a full and heightened flavour.

The 2018 edition was released to celebrate the Macallan’s commitment to craft better and extraordinary whiskies. That’s what they do in the next three years and till 2020, they continue the journey of discovery for the remarkable whisky flavour.

Each bottle is matured in sherry seasoned European oak casks and ex-bourbon American oak casks. These bottles come with a balanced flavour with dominant sweetness. With the unique characters, none of them will dishearten you while enjoying a glass of whisky. 

11. Macallan Decades


Image credit:

Here is presenting another hyped production- the decade series of Macallan single malt whiskies. This series has four bottles of whiskies with different flavours representing four different decades- the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

The distinctive packaging of four of them gives the vibe of the travel from one to another era. From its aroma and flavour, everything was crafted to reflect the style of The Macallan.

All of them have a rich and spicy flavour, just like modern Macallan whisky. But, you will find a distinct peak for every bottle of wine.

12. Macallan Blake

macallan blake

Image credit:

Here is the biggest series of Macallan till now with the eight miniatures, each of which represents the Macallan in Sir Peter Blake’s era. It is a fantastically rare and well-presented way of giving a gift to your dearest whisky lover.

The presentation boxes of these wines were crafted with colours and inspirations by Sir Peter Blake’s art. A certificate having all the heritage and historic details is given to the package.

The taste of these wines is very rich with dry fruits and spices with cinnamon and cacao finish.

13. Macallan Rare Cask

macallan rare cask

Image credit:

The official bottles are rebranded rare Cask releases from Macallan. These editions give a greater insight into the manufacturing process of Macallan. It is crafted with rich and fruity dram with 43% ABV.

The complexity and depth of flavour of each bottle carry the authenticity of the brand, unlike many well-known whiskies. So, it gives a great opportunity to know the tale behind them.

£580.00 is the amount that you need to spend and it is pretty affordable considering the quality of the malt.

14. Macallan 18-year Old Single Malt Whisky

macallan 18 years old single malt whiskey

Image credit:

A set of masterpieces from Macallan is presented here. With the 18-years old fifteen whisky bottles, this package is riched with wines matured in hand-picked sherry seasoned oak casks.

The richness and complexity give the mature palate of oak, ginger and raisin. The light mahogany natural colour is complementary here.

This iconic and vertical vintage appearance gives an absolute classic touch of the whisky world with unrivalled commitment.

15. Macallan Red Collection

macallan red collection

Here is one of the rarest sets of the whisky collection signed by artist Javi Aznarez. All the editions come with the tradition and craftsmanship of this distillery. The red color of these bottles was inspired by the ‘Choice Old’ range. This set of single malt scotch whisky has six bottles of different maturity.

It has whisky of 40 years old from whisky of 78 years old. All the bottles are beautifully illustrated by Spanish painter and illustrator Javi Aznarez. All of them have ongoing aged expressions that carry their own story.

The taste of this whisky is beyond great and has had a dedicative impact on its reputation for years. In every sip of whisky, you will feel the rich range of tastes that every whisky lover loves to have.

All these Macallan editions are available to many iconic outlets around you where you will find Macallan in a unique way. So, grab your bottle and enjoy the moment.

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