Macallan Classic Cut 2022 – and release date


Bottled at 52.5%, this latest addition is sure to please whisky lovers around the world. A few bottles have already started appearing at ad-hoc auctions sites like catawiki, but the official announcement from Macallan is still forthcoming.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to enjoy the speculation and anticipation that comes with a new release from one of the world’s most revered whisky producers.

If you have a bottle of Macallan Classic Cut 2022 please join and post there more info, can’t wait to know your thoughts.

With this news one can only wonder what will happen with the first ones, this is a decent ABV and great tasting bottle, if Macallan does 20 in this set I would keep an eye on the first ones – some are going at auction for 1500 or more.

The bottle will be announced shortly by Macallan (june/july 2022) and it will be available on their site and retailers.

If you want to see all of the important Macallan sets click here.

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  1. Nosing – 1st Pour Sweet Vanilla splashing into the nostril following with citrus & woody spice. 85/100
    15 mins into breathing Vanilla milk

    Palette – 1st Pour It taste like a Grapefruit butter coating around your tongue and piercing through your tongue with the citrus & bitterness.
    15 mins into breathing – Bland, citrusy & bitter. 65/100

    Finish – Finishing is short – Straight woody spice, citrus & bitterness. 60/100

    Overall 70/100

    1. We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, how does it compare with the rest if you have tried them?

      Also Sean are you a member?