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Kavalan Artist Series: The 4 New Collectable Whisky Bottles all Enthusiasts Should Know About

Taiwan’s whisky market may be much younger than the Scottish or Irish one, but it gained its place in the spotlight thanks to Kavalan. The first distillery in the East Asian country has recently launched its Kavalan Artist Series, a limited edition range in collaboration with native artist Paul Chiang.

Paul Chiang - Kavalan Artist Series.

The inaugural release consists of four single malt, single cask whisky expressions inspired by the four vital elements Ocean, Air, Sunlight, and Earth.

Like the whisky expression they contain, the bottles are uniquely labelled with the artist’s creations, making a beautiful gift for the avid whisky lover and a lovely addition to an expert’s collection. Beginners will also enjoy this spirit selection. The distillery released only 198 inaugural collectors’ sets, each containing a uniquely numbered and signed copy of one of Paul Chiang’s masterpieces, Mountain Range of Taiwan or Pisilian.

Kavalan Artist Series Whiskies



Inspired by the vital element of water and the Ocean’s beauty, Puncheon is the first whisky expression in the Artist Series range. Its name comes from the cask it was matured into, namely, a puncheon cask that gave it a smooth texture and irresistible flavour.

The whisky has a beautiful dark amber colour and impresses with aromas of smooth vanilla, maple syrup, sweet white peach, and biscuits. Its palate is sweet and characterised by toffee and tropical fruit notes, while the finish is satisfyingly long-lasting, leaving a hint of nuttiness on the tongue. Puncheon is bottled at a natural cask strength between 50% and 63% ABV.

Kavalan Artist Series collection was paired with Paul Chiang’s Pisilian.

Virgin Oak

kavalan artist series virgin oak scaled

A lighter expression of Kavalan Artist Series single cask whisky, Virgin Oak is a beautiful golden amber spirit distilled in virgin oak casks and bottled at a natural cask strength between 50% and 63% ABV. Its production was inspired by the purity of Air, displaying fresh notes of honey and tropical fruits.

The nose delivers a surprising smoky aroma enveloped by crisp floral notes, beeswax, and apricot. On the tongue, you can expect a punchy burst of spicy oak, chestnut, autumn pear, guava, sweet honey, and cinnamon spice. Like Puncheon, Virgin Oak delivers a lingering sweet finish that lasts satisfyingly long.

This whisky pairs beautifully with the artist’s On Wings of Song.

French Wine Cask

kavalan artist series french wine cask scaled

Paying tribute to the warming Sunlight, French Wine Cask is the third whisky in the Kavalan Artist Series and gets its name from the red wine cask in which it aged. Like the sun, the spirit has a golden amber colour, a rich aroma, full-bodied texture, and boasts a complexity of flavours that borrowed some of the red wine’s tannins.

Adapting its character to the cask the distillery chose for maturation, this whisky boasts red berries and black currant olfactory notes enhanced by sweet pepper, caramel, ripened fruit, and apple aromas. The palate maintains the same primary notes of berries and black currant with subtle spice and tropical fruit hints. Its tannins leave a pleasant taste on the tongue and a long-lasting finish. Like the other whiskies in the series, French Wine Cask has a natural cask strength between 50% and 63% ABV.

Inspired by the sun, this spirit is paired with Paul Chiang’s Meditation to Eternity.

Peated Malt

kavalan artist series peated malt scaled

Dedicated to Mother Earth, the final whisky in the set tells the story of homecoming and rebirth. Distilled from deep-mined peat smoked malt and aged in the distillery’s unique barrels, this whisky presents a peated malt character with layers of smooth toffee, sweet coconut, and honeycomb.

The palate is as deep and complex as the nose, presenting buttered toffee, spice, and red pepper notes. As you’d expect from such a whisky, the finish is rich and long-lasting, leaving subtle hints of smoky peat and earthy notes on the tongue. Like the other whiskies in the series, Peated Malt is bottled at a natural cask strength between 50% and 63% ABV.

Describing Earth’s beauty caressed by sunlight, Peated Malt is paired with the artist’s Jinzun/Summer.

This could be a great investment if you want to see other ideas for new whisky distilleries ideas check this article. 

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