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This Glenfiddich Grand Collection whisky set is truly remarkable, with beautiful packaging and phenomenal whiskies, especially if you don’t mind the low ABV. We also can’t underestimate the sales volume and the number of people they reach worldwide that will put this distillery on the map of whisky collectors for the coming years.

And we can see that there are a few things that matter when it comes to whisky.

Popularity – Macallan
Scarcity – Springbank
Quality – Arran
Community – Bimber
Launch – Raasay
Price – Johnnie Walker

Arguably the basic Glenfiddich bottles that everyone drinks and no one collects might become in 10 years the new Macallans. People still remember buying Bottles that are now worth high $ for couple hundred bucks a decade or so ago. 

So here is a very special set that can work for any whisky collector.

Glenfiddich grand collection whiskey

Glenfiddich Grand Collection is a whisky set of quality single malt whisky bottles from the very popular Glenfiddich Distillery. All the bottles have a great story of glorious history that is expressed through their taste and art. Here are all the world’s finest single malt whiskies that will help you to discover the real Glenfiddich and various expressions.

1. Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Gran Reserva

glenfiddich gran reserva

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An amazing bottle of whiskey from the Grand Series of Glenfiddich comes with the perfect demonstration of both authentic manufacturing and fresh ideas. The Glenfiddich is matured for 21 years in Caribbean rum casks, possibly one of their most popular in this range – however this special packaging is not that easy to find.

The spirit of innovation is clearly shown in the crafting by Glenfiddich. The velvety aromas of tropical fruit and spicy ginger with the highly unusual finish add extra layers of sweetness.

This aged liquid with intriguing finishes exemplifies the Caribbean touch to the Grand Series. Overall, this is such single malt whiskey that you can give as a gift to yourself or someone close to your heart.

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Please don’t confuse this one with the regular Genfiddich 21 – Run Cask – they have different boxes.

2. Glenfiddich 23 Year Old Grand Cru

glenfiddich 23 year old grand cru

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Here is another bottle from the Glenfiddich edition with some experimental flair. This 23-years old whiskey is matured in ex-sherry casks and American oak casks for the first four months and in the French oak casks for the second fill.

This edition comes with a rich flavour of creamy vanilla, brioche, pear sorbet and white grapes along with a strong punch of apple blossom and lemons. This fermented whisky has become popular due to its delightful expression.

If you want to give this to a whisky-lover friend, he will definitely be happy over the moon. This beautifully light and floral whisky bottle is the thing that will match your expectations.

3. Glenfiddich 26 Year Old Grande Couronne

glenfiddich 26 year old grande couronne

Here is the newest release from Glenfiddich Distillery with a 26-year of maturity. This is one of the most exceptional and opulent single malt whisky to make occasions even more meaningful. This whisky is matured in American and European oak casks and finishes in rare French cognac casks.

It comes with a 43.8% abv and a wonderful display case that makes it premium to look at. It can be a great gift for your dearest one who loves whisky. Just get a bottle of Glenfiddich 26 Year Old Grande Couronne and some flowers along. The night will be more sparkling.

With the French patisserie sweetness and Tarte tatin flavour, you will get a smooth and rich whisky to taste with plenty of sweetness. You will also feel a long and velvety finish with a hint of spice and oak.

4. Glenfiddich 20 Year Old Mr Porter

glenfiddich 20 year old mr porter

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20 Year Old Mr Porter is one of the most premium versions of Glenfiddich distillery. This limited-edition whisky was introduced inspired by an online men’s style brand, Mr Porter. This whisky was matured for two decades in fresh American oak, ex-bourbon and European oak sherry casks.

This whisky is manufactured following Glenfiddich’s Solera technique that gives a perfect blend of rich and blended flavour. This edition is available in only 1,500 bottles. So, if you buy one of these, that one will be very special.

This bottle is full of strong flavours of fudge, ginger, spiced oak and caramelized Demerara sugar which makes it a unique expression of single malt Scotch whisky. Overall, this is nothing but a balanced liquid with perfect taste.

5. Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII

gran cortes XXII

Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII is one of the latest versions of this distillery. This new and innovative single malt whisky was released in time for Christmas. It is matured in Spanish Palo Cortado Sherry Casks which brings rich and fruity notes. These delicate and perfectly balanced spices bring a sparkling flavour to the table.

It smells amazing as it has aromas of dates, dark chocolate and raisins. This 22 Year Old Glenfiddich is displayed in a beautiful sherry-red box that makes it amazing to look at. Want to buy it for someone? No need to wrap it additionally. It is an amazing gift itself.

This truly wonderful dram gives a classic Highland malt taste along with a little French opulence. So, any whisky lover will love its taste, I’m sure.

6. Glenfiddich 21 Year Old - Chinese New Year 2022

glenfiddich 21 year old chinese new year 2022

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This 21-year old Gran Reserva is a truly delectable single malt Scotch whisky from the limited-edition pack of Glenfiddich. This edition was released to celebrate Chinese New Year 2022. This whisky is matured in previously held Caribbean rum and then the last four months in hand-selected Gran Reserva barrels.

The aroma of oaky vanilla, floral banana and toffee are so intense that it will fill your nose. It comes with a note of ginger, baking spices and peppery oak, along with a hint of smoke which gives a long, warming and spicy finish.

To give someone as a gift in the Chinese new year, It is the best thing you could ever get. It comes with a presentation box, especially for Chinese New Year.

All the editions of the Glenfiddich Grand Series are available throughout almost all whisky outlets around you. Just get the one that you desire the most and make the occasion even more colourful.

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