Glenfiddich Experimental Series – Why Not Experiment?

Glenfiddich Experimental Series:

Glenfiddich, a famous Scotch whiskey brand owned by William Grant& Sons, came up with a new Glenfiddich experimental series whiskies for those who want to try something new. It called the Experimental series.
The collection that will be unveiled annually has been planned to explore ‘unusual and something different” in whiskies. The Dufftown distillate series has released two products: IPA single-malt cask and an ambassador collab that appeals to the peculiar whiskey lovers.

The IPA Experiment is a no-age argument, 43% abv-malt completed in the casks for three months previously used for the preparation of a particular IPA produced by the Speyside Craft Brewery in Forres.
The ale was produced using British Challenger hops, which supplemented for its established fruity character of the Glenfiddich whiskey, according to Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich’s malt master. 

The Glenfiddich Project XX, which also released this month is a single vatting malt of 20 assorted bottles, including Port Pipes, Sherry butts, and Bourbon casks which are first filled. Each has been selected by the twenty ambassadors of the company. 

Every ambassador was asked by Kinsman to choose a cask from the warehouse of Glenfiddich that best reflects their own personality before blending them to make into the first mass collaborating whisky brand.
The term NAS, too, is non-filtered and bottled at 47 per cent (abv), a characteristic which helps to give the whisky connoisseur a challenging yet different taste.’ This month, before being routed out into global markets, the new series will be implemented in the UK. 

Project XX can sell for £50, while Glenfiddich experimental series is sold at national UK stores for £45
Future products in series can include experiments with yeast, change in distillery environment or even milling.
“There will be products that the Experimental Series will bring that will denote experiments at the beginning of the distillation process, which none of us will see them another 12-15 years,” said Kinsman. ‘The experimental series opens the door for exploration at any level. We clearly have finished vatted and cascading goods here, but we can see other things in five years as they work.’

Glenfiddich launches the fourth and recent edition of the Glenfiddich ‘Experimental Collection’ campaign by creative agency Space to encourage Fire & Cane. The promotion began on 23 July in the United States, accompanied first by other industry leaders, and is part of the brand’s continuing efforts towards hiring new whiskey drinkers.
The latest addition in the experimental series is an unusual, peated whisky that gives an increase in smokiness and sweetness of campfire. For Glenfiddich, Fire & Cane is a first of its kind. It illustrates by questioning courageously, what if…? The latest malt really celebrates the creative spirit of Glenfiddich.

The Glenfiddich experimental series opens the door for exploration at any level. We clearly have vatted, and cask finished whiskey, but we can see other things in five years as they work. Kinsman said.

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